Love, indifference, intense tenderness. The story of a father and a son united by silence and habits. The change in meeting a young single mother. her difficulties, her loneliness. All looking for something, in an imaginary French town. Inside, some unpublished poems by the author, where the character of the protagonist, the sweetness and sensitivity are captured. Description of delicate momentthet that only poetry can give.


Single fino alla morte

Federica, a girl spoiled by an intemperate’s   life and looking for work spends her days on the web. This pastime will take an unexpected turn. The unresolved suicide’s friend of hers will lead her in search of the guilty. All this will bring her closer to a mysterious assassin who spins from one side of Lake Maggiore to the other and follows her like a shadow. When all finally ends up in   justice’s hands and everything seems settled, a twist will put his life at risk.